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Parents want excellence in educational intervention for their children with learning differences. There is nothing more important in a parent’s mind then making sure their child can be successful in school and eventually become self-sufficient. Being able to get the necessary educational training for a career is often paramount in a parent’s mind. Today, these needs become even more pressing as schools are trying to determine how best to meet the needs of their students due to underfunding, cuts in special education and delays in getting struggling students assessed for learning difficulties. 

Eaton Arrowsmith School Online is proud to have new options for parents around the world. For the last 15 years, Eaton Arrowsmith School has served children and adults in the Vancouver, British Columbia, area, and has opened other locations in White Rock, British Columbia and Redmond, Washington. Students and their families have traveled from around the world to attend Eaton Arrowsmith School, but at a huge cost and sacrifice to the family. Now, with the Arrowsmith Program available at home, Eaton Arrowsmith School Online has made the transition, certified new teachers, and is ready to enroll children and adults from around the world. 

Here are the top 5 benefits of having your child engage in the Eaton Arrowsmith School Online delivery model.  For many parents, these top 5 benefits are what they have been searching for when determining what educational intervention would be best for their child. Parents want their child to be engaged, to be taught by certified teachers, to receive a program that meets their individual needs, to receive feedback often, and to show an increased motivation to improve their capacity to learn.

Time engaged

Parents want to know that the intervention period will be enough for their child to make noticeable gains. The Half-Day Program (10 months) offered by EASO provides over 500% more targeted online at-home cognitive intervention than other software-based cognitive intervention options available in the marketplace. Other options typically last 6 to 8 weeks with approximately 100 hours of cognitive intervention.  Even the 8 Week At-Home Cognitive Intensive Program offered by EASO provides 50% more cognitive intervention within the same time frame as other options. Frequency and intensity of cognitive intervention is critical for initiating brain plasticity.

Certified Arrowsmith Program teacher-led online instruction

Parents want qualified teachers for their children. EASO hires and trains certified Arrowsmith Program teachers. The teachers are trained to understand brain functioning, how to harness neuroplasticity, and how to keep children engaged on challenging cognitive tasks. The certified Arrowsmith Program teacher establishes trust and confidence in the child, who is then willing to take on challenges they previously never thought possible. The teacher is in contact with the student minute by minute as they monitor the child’s performance through cloud-based tablet technology and Microsoft Teams classroom video conferencing.

Individualized intervention from assessment to programming

Parents want individualized interventions or programming for their child. EASO can provide this opportunity through the Arrowsmith Assessment conducted for At-Home Part-Time and Half-Day students.  The neurological learning profile is assessed by focusing in on 19 cognitive functions critical for school and work success. Parents receive the assessment results, and then teachers implement a program focused in on the cognitive weaknesses identified in the assessment. Progress is analyzed daily, and feedback given to children minute by minute as they engage in their program.

Real-time, cloud-based feedback to students, parents, and teachers

Parents want feedback on how their child is doing. In fact, feedback is critical in life. EASO offers parents and students real-time feedback on a child’s level of engagement in the program and levels of mastery on each cognitive intervention task. How is this done? The certified Arrowsmith Program teacher uses a technology platform that provides real-time data on their students’ levels of engagement and task success. If a teacher identifies a student with low engagement, or a student who is struggling to master a cognitive task, the teacher can immediately engage with that student to remove roadblocks.

Online classroom environment to increase motivation and reduce distractions

Parents want to know their children will be motivated to learn. One would think that working at home would provide a child with more distractions; however, EASO is finding the opposite, especially for children with learning differences. With no significant peer pressure, working on an individualized program, having real-time instant access to a teacher, and focusing on improving their weaknesses, our students’ levels of focus and motivation are high. The Arrowsmith Program is also uniquely designed so that a child can master complex cognitive tasks, giving them a strong sense of achievement as well as the knowledge that this achievement came from their own effort. This helps students develop a growth mindset and can change how they approach other learning tasks.  Effort equals success.

There you are, the top 5 most important benefits of Eaton Arrowsmith School Online.  The team at Eaton Arrowsmith School Online hopes to have the opportunity to work with your child. It is also important to note that this program is not just for children with diagnosed learning disabilities – this program is for any child or adult who is struggling at school or work, who is not achieving at levels that match their abilities, or who is looking for a boost in cognitive capacity to make learning less frustrating.

Howard Eaton, Ed.M.


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